Yorkton’s Farm Toy and Collectible Show UPDATE

C3 boysWell Yorkton’s Farm Toy and Collectible Show was another smashing success and our family was very honored to be attending it this past February 9th and 10th.  Why you ask?  Well every year this show raffles off a pedal tractor with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity or project of choice.   This year the show organizers, Jeremy and Kim Mehrer, contacted us to tell us that they’ve decided to “Pay it Forward” and donate the proceeds to the splash park in Canora.

Chase WheatWe want to sincerely thank the organizers, participants and supporters of the Toy Show for this demonstration of generosity!!!  We hope that all of you and your families come down to Canora THIS SUMMER to enjoy the splash park (stay tuned for more details about that). 😉

They raffled off a CASE Pedal Tractor AND a New Holland Grain Cart!! These great prizes were donated by The Yorkton Farm Toy and Collectible Show AND Yorkton New Holland!!  By the end of the 2 days of the show over 900 tickets were sold and a total of $1430.00 was donated to the Town of Canora!  How spectacular is that???  

Thank you so very much! 


HUGE thanks to the Yorkton Toy and Collectible Show and Yorkton New Holland for donating these amazing raffle prizes! 

We want all of you to know that like Chase, YOU ALL MADE A DIFFERENCE!



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