Pay It Forward Friday – The Element of Surprise

It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised.  Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers from a significant other, a hot meal waiting for you at home after a hard day or an unexpected compliment by a complete stranger, a sweet surprise can brighten just about anybody’s day.

Mr MikesToday we went to one of my favorite restaurants (Mr.Mikes) for lunch with my sister and mother-in-law.  I wanted to brighten a complete stranger’s day.  Besides, it feels even better to give than it does to receive.

We decided to take one of Chase’s Pay it Forward cards and tape it to a $5.00 bill and place it inside one of the restaurant menus.  That way when the waitress picks up our menus, she distributes them randomly to other customers in the restaurant.

I don’t know who the recipient of this “Pay it Forward” was, but I do hope that it brought some happiness to their day.  I also hope that they decide to make a difference in someone else’s life.

You just never know who needs a lift in life and the difference you can make in a complete strangers life.

Please feel free to print off one of Chase’s Pay it Forward cards from the tab at the top of this page and do the same at your favorite restaurant.

New Pay-it-Forward Card

 Chase Made A Difference…Will You?


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