Pay it Forward Friday – MySpray™ Gives Back

The entrepreneurial spirit in Canora is alive and flourishing!  Homeopath Nichol Martinuik is founder and CEO of MySpray Therapeutics™ and is a prime example of a true entrepreneur!  Not only is this entrepreneur innovative but he has found a way for his business to give back and Pay it Forward!

What is MySpray™?

My SprayMySpray™ has developed an innovative way to obtain the nutrition you need by offering supplements in an oral spray delivery system. No more difficult pills to swallow, drops to count or countless capsules and pills every day.

Now you can simply spray the great tasting supplements inside your mouth and know that you are absorbing them based on real science! Headquartered in Canora and distributed out of Toronto, MySpray™ products are marketed right across Canada.

How is the MySpray Community Revolution “Paying it Forward”?

The MySpray™ Community Revolution team is committed to making a difference by developing a culture of generosity and service to others. They want to help communities stay healthy and vibrant by raising funds and/or awareness for a specific community project or organization.  MySpray™ has a commitment to donating a portion of their online sales from now until May 31 to the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park in Canora as their way of “Paying it Forward.”  How terrific is that!!!  Their team does more than raise money though. Thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of their staff, they’ve also been able to volunteer their time and energy where needed.

How can you Support MySpray?

Please visit their website at and check out what they can offer.  You can purchase their products through their online shopping cart.

How can you get MySpray™ to support your organization?

Organizations interested in joining the MySpray™ Community Revolution are welcome to email a one page proposal or request, including a short description of the organization and the project towards which the funds will be raised. Visit their website at to apply online.

Thank you to Nichol and his amazing staff for choosing the Chase Kraynick Splash Park as their project of choice and for donating their time and money to making a difference within the local community!

Chase Made A Difference…Will You?


One thought on “Pay it Forward Friday – MySpray™ Gives Back

  1. This is such an amazing concept!! How convenient for the people who have a hard time swallowing pills but also for the people who are super busy and always on the go! You don’t have to worry about finding a drink to go with those pills in the middle of driving or a meeting or all the other things you may find yourself in the middle of when you remember; “I forgot to take my supplements!”. The fact that you guys are giving back to the community is just the icing on the cake!! You guys are part of what makes the world go round!! Hats off to all of those who give back!!

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