Thankful Thursday: Yorkton New Holland Becomes a Major Sponsor of the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park


We are eager to begin the construction of the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash park this spring and also to continue promoting the “Pay it Forward” concept that Chase embraced whole heartedly.  This splash park has not only brought our community together in unimaginable ways, but has gained the financial support of several individuals and businesses that are making this project a reality.

tractorAs most of you know, each component of the splash park reflects the things that Chase loved which include sports, the great outdoors and of course, farming!  We wanted a New Holland Tractor to be the centre piece of the splash pad not only because Chase’s favourite colour was blue, but because New Holland was his absolute favourite make of farm equipment.  He would spend countless hours playing farming with Cooper and every toy that filled his toy box was either blue or yellow in colour.  When he wasn’t pretending to farm with Cooper, he was asking to go to the farm and help his dad with chores.

NHpicsThe apple didn’t fall far from the tree either 🙂 .  Our farm has always had a love for New Holland, so loving the brand was something that Chase grew up with.  Nearly every piece of equipment on our farm is New Holland.

Just recently,  Brad Guenther, manager of Yorkton New Holland, announced that their dealership will donate $10,000 towards the Splash Pad as a sponsor of the New Holland tractor splash component!

WOW!!  How awesome is that?  We are so grateful for their very generous contribution and our heartfelt thanks goes out to the entire management and staff for supporting our project and showing how much you care!

The Yorkton New Holland dealership holds true to their statement that “they are big enough to help you, but small enough to know you!”  So thank you so much for making a difference and paying it forward for our family and our community!

To visit their newly designed website go to and the next time you see one of their employees please thank them for making a difference!

Canora Aquatic Play Pad SK

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


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