The Components Have Arrived !!!

It was like an episode of “Shipping Wars” minus Roy “The Handyman”, The “Hotshot”Couple, or Jarret “The Rookie”.  The expensive shipment of Splash Park Components made the cross country trek from BC to Saskatchewan via tractor-trailer.

The sellers:  Water Play Solutions Corporation out of Kelowna, BC

The buyers:  The Chase Kraynick “Pay It Forward” Splash Park in Canora, SK

Kristen Gabora and Rachel Kraynick met the shipment first thing this past Monday morning and made a detailed inspection of all components before signing off “A OK” and giving a 5-star rating on the first shipment of the Chase Kraynick “Pay It Forward” Splash Park components.

The components that did arrive … did so without any hitch or hiccup.  All pieces were in one piece and are ready for installation.  There is still one more pallet of components that was left in Regina and those will be delivered some time this week.

We are so happy to finally have them here … to realize that we are just one step closer to making the park become reality.

We took a few pics to commemorate the event.  Take a sneak peek at the delivery.  Keep in mind that we can’t reveal too much just yet.  🙂  The pieces are wrapped in a protective padding … for now.

The components have arrived.
The components have arrived.  It took an entire semi truck to bring only the first load of components.
Randy and Kristen strike a plan of how we are going to unload them all safely!
Kristen Gabora and Randy “Manix” strike a plan of how we are going to unload them all safely!
The fishing pole gets unloaded.
The fishing pole gets unloaded.
Two of the three rings getting unloaded.  Lots of careful consideration to move some of these components.
Two of the three rings getting unloaded. Lots of careful consideration is necessary to move and unload some of these components.

Stay tuned for more info and progress to come … very soon!!

Chase Made A Difference … What Will You Do Today??

The Water Lines and Piles Are In !!!

The past week has brought with it lots of hard work and “know how” from Wyonzek Construction and McTavish Concrete.  Wow!!  Were they every quick and efficient with their work, too.

We have a picture update of progress on the fantastic job they did in plumbing in the water line to the park and the storm sewers, as well as getting the piles in to support the components.  WOW!! Take a look!

Look at those boys go!!
Look at those boys go!! Not only did they do a GREAT job, but their hard work was done with speed and so much “know how”! WOW!
Ken being Foreman!
Foreman Ken … ensuring that everything will go as planned!
Storm Sewer
Digging in the Storm Sewer
Water lines in and plumbed out the sewer too! YEAH to the McTavish and Wyonzek work crews!
All The Piles ARe In
All the piles are in!! We are now ready for the next step … concrete footings!! 

Chase Made A Difference … What Will You Do Today?

Week #2 Splash Park Progress Update: “Many Hands Make Light Work”

Well our contractors have been working fast and furious on the park this past week and they all deserve a big thumbs up!!

From Left to Right: Everett Paley, Robin Ludba of Ludba Construction, and Cooper Kraynick

Thank you to Robin Ludba, with Ludba Construction, for digging out our 3400 square foot pad for the Splash Park and prepping the base for the plumbing!! Your work was fantastic as usual and you got this project started earlier than anticipated.  The support was “ground breaking”.  🙂  Great Job!

Robin1Wyonzek Brothers Construction have also begun digging in the “Life Lines” (AKA the water lines) to the park!!!  They are trenching both the water lines to the park and out to the sewer system!  This crew is committed to quality work and we thank them for paying it forward!

WaterlinesMcTavish Concrete have even installed the piles that the sprayers will mount onto!!!  The sprayer components will be arriving in Canora very soon … so having these piles in place is critical to ensure that installation of the components can begin once the concrete has been poured.  Our thanks to the team from McTavish Concrete.

These boys sure haven’t wasted any time and have been diligently working with the other contractors to make sure they get their job done when needed!  You guys are so appreciated!

Chase Made A Difference and so is Our “Dream Team” … What Will You Do?