The Water Lines and Piles Are In !!!

The past week has brought with it lots of hard work and “know how” from Wyonzek Construction and McTavish Concrete.  Wow!!  Were they every quick and efficient with their work, too.

We have a picture update of progress on the fantastic job they did in plumbing in the water line to the park and the storm sewers, as well as getting the piles in to support the components.  WOW!! Take a look!

Look at those boys go!!
Look at those boys go!! Not only did they do a GREAT job, but their hard work was done with speed and so much “know how”! WOW!
Ken being Foreman!
Foreman Ken … ensuring that everything will go as planned!
Storm Sewer
Digging in the Storm Sewer
Water lines in and plumbed out the sewer too! YEAH to the McTavish and Wyonzek work crews!
All The Piles ARe In
All the piles are in!! We are now ready for the next step … concrete footings!! 

Chase Made A Difference … What Will You Do Today?


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