4 VOLUNTEER Electricians Hook up the Splashers!!!

Kyle and Roxy Roberts (Journeyman Electricans), Matt Sleeva (fourth year apprentice electrician), and Brody Steciuk (first year apprentice electrician) worked tirelessly on Friday July 5th to finish the electrical hookups for the Splash Park.  All four electricians work for Gabora Electric BUT took a day off work to donate their time, talents and expertise as their individual contribution to the Park!  Talk about Paying it Forward!!!!  We are so grateful for each one of you and want to sincerely thank you for making this tremendous contribution to our community!!!!

P1000356Each sprayer was hooked up to a timer which allows a sprayer to run for a set amount of time.  The park is equipped with 2 separate activators which require the children to hit the button to activate a sequence of sprayers.  These timers will allow us to set how long a sprayer will run as well as allow us to turn on and shut them off at a certain time of day.

These four individuals not only have inspired us to think of ways to give back using our own talents, time and energy, but have profoundly touched our hearts with their generosity.

We are truly thankful for their quality service and workmanship and we hope they know how much it means to our family and our community. Thank you for stepping forward and making a difference!


Up next we are ready to bring in the gravel and cement before the sprayers are turned on!!!  Stay tuned because we may need some volunteers to help spread the gravel.

Chase Made A Difference … and so did Roxy, Kyle, Matt and Brody!!!! 

What will YOU do today??


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