Angels In Disguise of Everyday People


Today’s story comes to us from Carla Pelechaty and reminds us of the goodness found in everyday situations where angels are in disguise of everyday people.  Thanks so much for sharing your story Carla!  We truly do hope that the lady in your story reads this blog to know how important her act of kindness was to you and many others.

The day is Tuesday, September 3, 2013. It is the first day of school and the first day back to work after vacation. I go out to my vehicle and notice that I have a flat tire. “Great!” I think to myself.

I phone my in laws and borrow a vehicle as my husband has already left to work with his.  I borrow the vehicle and am feeling good as I am now on my way to work and will make it on time as it is a 30 minute drive.  I happen to glance down and notice the gas light suddenly on, warning me that fuel is low and then … the fuel bell begins to ring. I listen to the bell ring the rest of the way to work hoping that I am going to make it, all the while thinking to myself,  “What a way to start my day!  But it can’t get worse it can only get better”.

I have a busy morning at work and decide that at lunch hour I will go and put gas in the vehicle as I have errands to run after work and this will save my some time by doing this on my lunch break. I work near the hospital so I go to the old Co-op gas station on Broadway as it is the closest to my workplace. I ask the gas attendant to put in 30 dollar of gas, take my debit card in with me to save time as I have not cleaned my “messy summer holiday” purse out yet.  I decide to treat myself to a Co-op Iced Cap as I wait for the car to fill.  I wait in the line up to pay and insert my debit card.  The cashier does her part and my card is denied.  I think I must have made an error … so I try again.  Once again it’s denied!  I decide that this can’t happen to me three times in a row so … I try again.

By this time people are lined up behind me waiting to pay for their purchases. The cashier takes my debit card out of the machine, looks at it, and informs me that my card expired yesterday. I ask the cashier if I can run to my vehicle to get my Visa. She agrees to wait as I quickly run out to my car, dig around in my “messy summer holiday” purse again, find my Visa, and run back into the store.  I put my Visa through the machine and the message reads error.  Now I’m starting to feel embarrassed and very confused as to why none of my cards will go through.

I turn to look at the line of people in line and the lady right behind me smiles.  The others behind her, however, do not look so happy though.  I would describe them as looking very impatient and frustrated with me.  I try my Visa again and fine that it makes the same error.  I ask the cashier if she can end my transaction and let the other people through and I will try after they are done.  The cashier reassuringly suggests that I try one more time.  I do … and can’t believe my eyes when the message informs me that my card has now been locked and that I need to call my bank.

The lady behinds me hands her credit card to the cashier and says to me “Let me pay for it”.  As I am standing there holding the drink in my hands I think that she means the Iced Cap.  I explain to her that I am not only buying the drink but I also have to pay for gas.  She gently states “I know.  I want to pay for your entire purchase”.

She hands her credit card to the cashier and tells her that she is paying for my purchase.  I am shocked, yet so very thankful that this complete stranger has willingly done such a wonderful and generous thing for me.  I thanked her repeatedly and asked her for her name and number so that I can pay her back. She smiled and simply said that she does not want to be paid back.  I ask her where she lives and she says “Yorkton”.

The tells me to have a great day, pats me on the shoulder and gives me the warmest smile that I have ever seen.  I look at the people standing behind her in the line up, they now all have warm smiles on their faces also. The feeling in that gas station that afternoon when this wonderful lady paid for my purchase was a feeling of love and warmth. There seemed to be a glow in the room and also on everyone’s face.  I thanked the lady again and squeezed her arm and assured her that I would pay it forward.

I truly believe that I was not the only person in that gas station that day that felt the warmth and the generosity given by a complete stranger … to a complete stranger.

I hope that this wonderfully, kind hearted women reads this blog and realizes the positive effect that she not only had on me, but also on everyone else present that day.

I have shared this story with my family and friends and feel the warmth all over again just by sharing the story.

Thank you very much to the lady at the Co-op gas station on Broadway in Yorkton, SK on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.  You reminded me that a small gesture can make a big difference.  I was lucky to have met you on this day and although we are complete strangers … I will remember you forever!!!

Thank you!

Carla Pelechaty

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


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