An Impact Made On Others

We could go on for hours remembering special times, funny events, and telling stories about our Chase.  There are so many little things about him that we so dearly miss.  It’s the little things that happen every day that most people take for granted with their children that we now remember and cherish. We feel this way because of the impact he had on our lives and in our hearts.  That impact will be felt by us for years to come until the day that we die.  But . . . we are supposed to feel this way.  Chase was our family and that is how members of a family feel when they lose a part of their heart.  What takes us by surprise is when other people who knew Chase, take the time to tell us about the impact he had on them. This, to us, is a kindness that can forever be felt and certainly reaffirms in our hearts and our minds that Chase truly did make a difference for others in this world.

Today’s blog posting is a letter that was written to Rachel and Clinton from Erica Deighton.  Erica had previously worked at the Canora Daycare Center when Chase had attended.  She has kindly allowed us to post her words for all to read as they resonate in the hearts of all parents.  Thank you for your heartfelt words Erica!  They were a wonderful reminder to us that our Chase impacted the hearts of others as well.

We know that Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?