Make Way for WaterPlay – Have You Voted Today?

Submitted by Chase’s mom – Rachel Kraynick

WaterPlay solutions Corp

We are just SO excited that we were chosen as one of two projects for the “Make Way for Water Play” competition with Water Play Solutions Corporation out of Kelowna, BC.  This is the company that we are planning on ordering our sprayer components from for Chase’s Splash Park.

Each of the two finalists is guaranteed a prize! Either way we are winners! 🙂

  • First prize is awarded 25% off the sprayer components for their project.  In our case, this could equate to  approximately $35,000!!!!!!  This would be HUGE for our community!
  • Second place is awarded $5,000 off the cost of the components and two free ground squirters for the splash pad!

The decision of who receives which prize it is up to each and every one of you … the general public!  Everyone has the opportunity to vote online at .  It is also important to note that you can vote from every IP address you have access to, which means one vote from every device (laptop, desktop computer, ipad, cell phone, etc).  You don’t need to register your email to vote, it takes less than 3 minutes of time, and is done through Survey Monkey!

Chase’s Splash Park has been custom designed to reflect all the things Chase loved.  Here is a list of the components we chose and why:

Hockey1.  A Hockey Stick– Chase was #8 on the Canora Cobras IP Hockey Team for 2 years (He scored 3 goals in his career)

2.  A Frog– he would catch and collect as many frogs as possible in 5 gallon pails in the summertime.

3.  A Caterpillar- he loved catching insects and bugs and chasing his little brother with them.

Kamsack Times

4.  A Pumpkin– our family tradition was growing pumpkins.  We would set up pumpkin stands to sell every shape and size of pumpkins with all profits going to the boys future education fund … and we would enter the BIG ones into as many horticulture shows as possible to compete in the largest pumpkin growing contest.  The boys won 1st prize many times!

5.  A New Holland Tractor– Chase was our farm boy and New Holland was his favorite type of farm equipment (every toy he owned was New Holland)! No joke!!

6.  A cow– Chase had his very own cow named “Milk Nose” who was brown with a white nose (hence the name).  Every calf that “Milk Nose” produced was sold and monies earned had been saved up for this college fund.

7.  A baseball– Chase played on the Canora Reds T-Ball team and loved sports.

Fishing8.  A fishing rod– Many of our family vacations included going on a fishing trip.  Chase caught his first fish when he was just 3 years old.  He was excited beyond words!

9.  A dump truck– like any typical little boy, Chase spent countless hours playing with his dump trucks, pay loaders, bobcats, and construction equipment.  Truck and tractor sounds with lots of spit bubbles were the background noise in our house at any given time.

10.  A bumble bee and cat tail– These two components reflect the love for nature and the great outdoors that Chase had.  He loved playing outside and exploring all that nature offered.  He loved going for drives to see deer or coyotes in the fields and was the first to spot a beaver swimming in the slough.  A dandelion boquet was very often picked and brought as a sign of love for me or one of his grandma’s.

11.  Numerous ground squirters– Not only did Chase love water but he was full of surprises.  These ground squirters will work off timers and shoot water when you least expect it … catching you by surprise … offering fun and excitement for all of the people who play at the splash park.

In total 18 components will be placed on a 3400 square foot concrete pad!  This will hopefully be the “Taj Mahal” of all splash pads in the province!  This splash park will not only honor our special little boy but stand as a reminder for everyone to think about how they can “Pay it Forward.”

Canora Aquatic Play Pad SK

All you need to do is vote for the Chase Kraynick Pay It Forward Splash Park and spread the word to all your friends and family to visit the link listed above.  If anyone asks you why?  It is because you are wanting to be a part of making a difference in supporting a family and a community in not only creating a legacy but in preserving the memory of a little boy who really understood the importance of love, kindness, family, and faith.  And really … aren’t these the things what we want all of our children to deeply know???

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?