Pay It Forward – Everyday Kindness Matters

Today’s Pay It Forward story comes to us from Melville, SK.  As you can see, this entire family has taken the Pay It Forward philosophy to heart.  As Joelle Lucas shares with us it is the everyday kindness that matters most to people and can be one of the best ways to Pay It Forward to warm your own heart.

I love the idea of this and am so grateful  & blessed to be a part of this!

We receive a card from Jayden Bisschop & Jaxon Bisschop on Thanksgiving Sunday.

Yesterday, my daughter held doors open for over 100 people and volunteered to help at the magic show that was put on by St. Henry’s school in Melville.  I (her mother) was supposed to help after we attended the first show @ 1:00 but she came back with me and helped out by holding doors open & stamping hands.  She knew she was doing this because of Chase, and to be kind and to make a difference & pass it on.  Each & every single person smiled as they entered the doors, which made her smile, which made me smile.

We passed the card on to a mother of a family that entered the doors and was so impress that Jersey opened it and held it open for them.  We explained the card to her and she was very touched and was very excited to “pay it forward”

Our second card was given to our parish priest from St. Henry’s.  He spoke to us about being selfless, generous & kind.  So my kids thought we could bring him cookies just to be kind.  Ty (my son) passed the card on to him.  He had the same reaction, very blessed & thankful to be part of it.

It’s so kind to be kind, and we’re glad to be a part of this random act of kindness movement for Chase!

We will continue to PAY IT FORWARD!

Take care & God bless your family!

Matt, Joelle, Jersey & Ty Lucas

Melville, SK