Pay It Forward Friday: The Richarson Fund Pay’s it Forward


Since 1857, James Richardson & Sons, Limited has maintained a strong belief in giving back to the communities in which they serve, and that belief continues today. It’s a commitment borne of respect and appreciation for the places their employees call home and for the moments that make up life beyond the workplace.


In 1957, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of James Richardson & Sons, Limited, corporate philanthropy was initiated through the Richardson Century Fund. In 2000, this entity was renamed the Richardson Foundation and a new vision and mission statement was introduced, focused on helping create sustainable futures for registered Canadian charitable organizations in the Visual and Performing Arts, Education, Youth Initiatives and Environmental Issues.


The Richardson Fund has already given so much to the community of Canora and now they have decided to also support our splash park.  We are excited to announce their very sizable donation of $25,000 toward the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash park.  Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for the commitment from The Richardson Fund to not only helping us to forever remember our Chase but to help the many generations of community families who will benefit and make memories while using this park.  This money will make an immense difference by converting our dream into a reality!!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


Pay it Forward Friday – MySpray™ Gives Back

The entrepreneurial spirit in Canora is alive and flourishing!  Homeopath Nichol Martinuik is founder and CEO of MySpray Therapeutics™ and is a prime example of a true entrepreneur!  Not only is this entrepreneur innovative but he has found a way for his business to give back and Pay it Forward!

What is MySpray™?

My SprayMySpray™ has developed an innovative way to obtain the nutrition you need by offering supplements in an oral spray delivery system. No more difficult pills to swallow, drops to count or countless capsules and pills every day.

Now you can simply spray the great tasting supplements inside your mouth and know that you are absorbing them based on real science! Headquartered in Canora and distributed out of Toronto, MySpray™ products are marketed right across Canada.

How is the MySpray Community Revolution “Paying it Forward”?

The MySpray™ Community Revolution team is committed to making a difference by developing a culture of generosity and service to others. They want to help communities stay healthy and vibrant by raising funds and/or awareness for a specific community project or organization.  MySpray™ has a commitment to donating a portion of their online sales from now until May 31 to the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park in Canora as their way of “Paying it Forward.”  How terrific is that!!!  Their team does more than raise money though. Thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of their staff, they’ve also been able to volunteer their time and energy where needed.

How can you Support MySpray?

Please visit their website at and check out what they can offer.  You can purchase their products through their online shopping cart.

How can you get MySpray™ to support your organization?

Organizations interested in joining the MySpray™ Community Revolution are welcome to email a one page proposal or request, including a short description of the organization and the project towards which the funds will be raised. Visit their website at to apply online.

Thank you to Nichol and his amazing staff for choosing the Chase Kraynick Splash Park as their project of choice and for donating their time and money to making a difference within the local community!

Chase Made A Difference…Will You?

Pay It Forward Friday – The Element of Surprise

It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised.  Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers from a significant other, a hot meal waiting for you at home after a hard day or an unexpected compliment by a complete stranger, a sweet surprise can brighten just about anybody’s day.

Mr MikesToday we went to one of my favorite restaurants (Mr.Mikes) for lunch with my sister and mother-in-law.  I wanted to brighten a complete stranger’s day.  Besides, it feels even better to give than it does to receive.

We decided to take one of Chase’s Pay it Forward cards and tape it to a $5.00 bill and place it inside one of the restaurant menus.  That way when the waitress picks up our menus, she distributes them randomly to other customers in the restaurant.

I don’t know who the recipient of this “Pay it Forward” was, but I do hope that it brought some happiness to their day.  I also hope that they decide to make a difference in someone else’s life.

You just never know who needs a lift in life and the difference you can make in a complete strangers life.

Please feel free to print off one of Chase’s Pay it Forward cards from the tab at the top of this page and do the same at your favorite restaurant.

New Pay-it-Forward Card

 Chase Made A Difference…Will You?

Pay It Forward Friday Pays Off For Canora Union Hospital

It feels like the entire community of Canora has thought about the whole “Pay it Forward” concept and people have been trying to find ways to show their kindness and generosity towards one another.  The staff at the Canora Union Hospital is no exception either!  In fact, they decided to take it a step further and promote kindness and generosity in the workplace.  Early on in September we told you about their campaign to rally support for the Splash Park, the AVIVA competition, and to make casual Friday’s a bit more exciting.

The “Have Fun at Work Committee” at the hospital decided to order T-Shirts for the staff to wear which promoted the “Pay it Forward” concept among the general public.  They ordered blue T-Shirts which read “Chase Made A Difference…Will You?” on the front, while the back of their T-Shirts read…“Pay it Forward.”  As Chase’s mother, I was very touched, as was our entire family by this demonstration of support by all the workers.


Since then, every Friday has been designated as a “dress down day”, so any staff that wanted to dress down, would wear their “Pay it forward” T-Shirt and contribute $2.00 to a jar.   All proceeds from the collection jar would be donated to the Splash Park.

In January, the Have Fun at Work Committee at the Hospital counted the money in that jar and have donated a whopping $647.00 to the Pay it Forward Splash Park!!!!

Thank you to all the workers for promoting this concept and for encouraging one another to think about how we can make difference in each other’s lives!   We truly appreciate all of our health care workers for the wonderful job you do on a daily basis and now also for your demonstration of support.  This really speaks to what it means to be part of a community in the way you support, encourage and uplift one another and those around you! You truly are role models in our community and we sincerely thank you all for making a difference.

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?

A Tim Horton’s Pay It Forward Chain of Kindness

Have you ever had someone unexpectedly pay for something for you, for no other reason than . . . just because?  Well if this has happened to you in a Tim Horton’s drive through … then this lady may have been in the car in front of you.  Today’s story comes to us from another contributor who wishes to remain anonymous and after reading the following email you will understand why.  Happy Friday everyone!

tim-hortons-takeout-cupI routinely treat myself to a Tim Horton’s French Vanilla cappuccino every Friday morning.  It is my way of relaxing and taking a few extra minutes for myself at the end of a busy week filled with work, errands, and running the kids to a million school and extra curricular activities.

Three months ago after finding out about Chase’s Pay It Forward campaign, the AVIVA competition, and this blog … I decided that these Friday treats would become not only a treat for myself but that I would surprise the car behind me by paying for their entire order.  The orders varied from a single coffee, a coffee/muffin combo, a Take-10 coffee pack, and in one case a family breakfast which included coffee’s, hot chocolates, and breakfast sandwiches.  As I paid for these orders every Friday I would leave, with the drive through window Tim Horton’s employee, one of Chase’s Pay It Forward Cards asking them to kindly give it to the car behind me when they tell them that their order had been paid for by the car ahead of them.

I have often wondered what the reaction was for those in the vehicle behind me.  I have often wondered what act of kindness they may have chosen to pay forward for someone else.  I have been hoping that my surprise would have spurred a call to action for someone else in memory of this wonderful little boy.

tim-hortons[1]This past Friday, I drove up to my local Tim’s and placed my order.  My plan was to once again pay for the car behind me and leave a Pay It Forward card for them.  This act had become one that I so looked forward to and gave me such satisfaction in knowing that it made someone else morning just a bit better.  When I drove up to the window and handed my money and Pay It Forward card to the Tim’s employee, she smiled at me and quickly turned around and said to someone behind her, “It’s her!  She’s here again today.”  Another woman came to the window (I am assuming that it was the store manager or supervisor) and said to me, “Good Morning, Ma’am!  This morning your coffee is on us.”

I looked at her in shock, started to protest and wanted to ask “Why?” as she continued,  “Do you know what these cards have done the past few Fridays?”

I shook my head as I said, “No”.

She proceeded to tell me New Pay-it-Forward Cardthat on a number of my Friday morning visits, Chase’s Pay It Forward cards created a chain reaction and were passed back from car to car with each vehicle paying for the car behind it.  She said the longest chain that they counted was 9 cars.   I was in shock to think that that many people would have continued thinking about doing something for someone else so quickly on the spur of the moment.  I was, on the other hand, also very happy to hear that there were many kind individuals out there who were willing to make a difference for a complete stranger expecting nothing in return …  and to think that I had started the chain of kindness.  WOW!  🙂  That was unexpected!

I thanked the lady, not only for the cappuccino but also for the opportunity to be on the receiving end of a Pay It Forward act.  I handed her a few extra Pay It Forward cards, smiled and said that I would pay for the order of the car behind me.  It was, after all, my way of making sure that the Tim Horton’s chain of Pay It Forward kindness, stared that morning by this certain employee, would continue with me today as a part of the chain.

Thanks for all you have done in helping to raise awareness of the Pay It Forward concept.  I, for one, have felt the benefits of it in my heart as I have anonymously found a way to make a small difference for someone else in memory of Chase.  It feels really good knowing that something so small could snowball into something quite big.

I wish you much success in the AVIVA competition.  Please know that I have voted for your project every day.

God Bless!

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?

Pay It Forward Friday: A Chain of Generosity Hits Yorkton

The City of Yorkton have been wonderful supporters of the “Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park”, but they have also been demonstrating the kindness and generosity that we want to promote in memory of Chase.

DebbieToday’s story comes from the Yorkton Coop Gas Station.  Debbie Sweeney is one of the hard working and dedicated employees that work at the Coop Station.  Several months ago, Debbie had requested some of Chase’s “Pay it Forward” Cards from me, indicating that she wanted to display them at the registers in the store.   Not only did Debbie want to display them, but she wanted to use them.

Debbie is often in charge of fueling up all the vehicles at the pumps.  One day a large SUV pulled in and asked her to “fill it up.”  For those of you who drive these vehicles, you know how big their tanks are!!!  After Debbie finished fueling the vehicle, washing the windows and asking if they needed their oil checked, she handed them a Pay it Forward Card and told them that the gas was being paid by her that day!!!!

payingforgroceriesJUST WAIT….THE STORY DOES NOT END HERE!!!!!  The lady driving the monstrous SUV was not only deeply moved by Debbie’s act of generosity, but she too wanted to pay it forward.  The lady later told Debbie that on that she continued on to Superstore where she not only bought HER groceries, but she paid for the customers groceries that were in line behind her.  She too passed on Chase’s Pay it Forward Card.

Our hope is that one day one of us will receive one of Chase’s tattered Pay it Forward Cards that have passed through the hands of several kind and generous folks.

Thank you Debbie for your generosity and kind heart!  We are so touched by the way people are finding ways to help one another and build on Chase’s legacy of “Paying it Forward”.

To find out more about the Yorkton Coop please visit:

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?