HomeSense Saskatoon Supports Their Community By Paying It Forward

HomeSenseToday’s Pay It Forward story comes to us from the City of Bridges … Saskatoon, SK.  Patricia Munroe, manager of the Saskatoon HomeSense store has shared with us some of the great community minded support that her and her team chose to participate in this past holiday season to make a difference for others in their city.  We also LOVE the fact that they chose to include Chase’s Pay It Forward cards in the giving that was done as lessons were taught and learned about the power of generosity and kindness.  Thanks for sharing your stories Patricia and for also ensuring that Chase’s memory was a part of your Pay It Forward actions!

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Happy New Year! May 2013 bring only Peace, Love, and Happiness to you and your family!

This Christmas HomeSense Saskatoon’s management and staff partnered with OPERATION CHRISTMAS STORE at King George School.

King George SChool

One of my assistant managers, April, and her sister Carla, collected donations of new and gently used gift items, and set up a Christmas store in one of the classrooms at the school.

We contributed approximately $700.00 to purchase new toys to go in the store. The money was raised from the popcorn we sell through out the year in the store.

Each child was given 3 tokens and told they could pick three people in their lives that they would like to buy a Christmas gift for. Then they were surprised by a visit to the Christmas tree to select a gift for themselves.

KGLOgoMany of these children had never before been able to give anyone a gift at Christmas and for most their past Christmas’s have been very modest.

The students were in awe of all the wonderful gifts. Tears were shed by the volunteers at the absolute delight and joy on their small faces as they made their selections. There were also many touching, heartfelt comments from the staff, students and teachers.


New Pay-it-Forward CardAs each child was given their tokens they were told CHASE’S story and given a Pay It Forward card. They were very interested in him and asked many questions.  We hope they embrace the concept of pay it forward as Chase did !!!  We look forward to being able to partner with Operation Christmas Store again this year.

Blessings in 2013
Patricia Munroe

The second story that Patricia shared with us really helps to give more meaning and purpose to Saskatoon’s second name “The City of Bridges”.

Saskatoon’s HomeSense, management and staff also partnered with THE BRIDGE on 20th in 2012 and are continuing our relationship through out 2013.  This is an amazing organization that works with the homeless and the very poor in Saskatoon.


For the month of November and December my staff was allowed to wear denim to work in exchange for a contribution of either a food item or gently used winter wear.  We set up large boxes wrapped as presents at the front of the store and our customers also generously contributed to them.

We also had a toiletry basket in our associate lounge for them to contribute to.
Whenever I travel I collect the toiletry items from the hotel room and add to this basket through out the year.

I shared Chase’s story with the Pastor of The Bridge on 20th, and gave him a supply of the Pay it Forward cards to give out with the items we donated.

He was very excited about the opportunity to council on the blessings of giving as well as receiving and to share ways everyone can pay it forward no matter how little or how much you have!

You can find out more information about The Bridge on 20th by visiting their website at


Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


Pay It Forward – A Make Sense Decision by HomeSense

We received a note from Patricia Munroe of Saskatoon about a very creative project her and her staff have come up with.  They have decided to use Chase’s Pay It Forward cards to make a difference within their own city and community.  This is what the spirit of Pay It Forward is all about . . . making a difference in the lives of others.

I manage the HomeSense store in Saskatoon.  We have a basket in our staff lunch room where we collect personal toiletry items throughout the year.  Anytime I or one of my staff travel somewhere we save the ones from the hotel rooms and add to the collection basket.  We also collect items we cannot sell in the store but are still useful to others.  We have decided that we are going to package some of these items into individual packages and include one of Chase’s Pay It Forward Cards with each one on a monthly basis and donate them to the women’s shelter here in Saskatoon.  We are also going to attach extra pay it forward cards for the shelter to hand out to women.

What Patricia and her staff at HomeSense have chosen to do is something that any business or place of work could easily take on.  Thank you so much for sharing your story Patricia!  On your behalf we would like to issue this challenge to all other businesses across this country – What will you do to Pay It Forward in order to make a difference in your own communities?  Chase made a difference . . . what will you do today?