All RACK’d Up at Ruth M. Buck


The ability to empower others to think or do things differently is a skill that many teachers have been blessed with.  Today’s story comes to us from Ruth M. Buck Elementary School in Regina, SK where two middle years teachers have given their students an experience we are sure will stick with them for years to come.  Thanks so much for sharing this story of generosity, learning, and kindness.  We are so very proud of you and your students!

Pinterest has become the next big thing, and unfortunately I succumbed to its interesting pictures and mouth-watering recipes.  I noticed a lot of posts for ‘random acts of kindness’ in my many hours of scrolling.  These posts became a bit of an inspiration for me and led to several classroom discussions.  After consultations with my colleague, Rulene Gilroy, we decided to embark upon a mission to bestow Random Acts of Christmas Kindness on our community with our grade eight students.  We called this our RACK’d project.

LetterToSantaOne of the first things we did was act as elves from the North Pole and the grade eights answered letters to Santa from the Grade two and three students at our school (our reading buddies).  We also made each child a bag of home-made play dough and a bag of magic reindeer food (Complete with poetic instructions).  These letters and gifts were dropped off mysteriously to our reading buddies.  Coincidentally, the grade eights showed up a few minutes later to sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas!” and then stayed to help the little ones read their personalized letters from Santa’s elves.  They were very excited!

BakingTraysOur next task was for the grade eights to bring baking from home.  This baking was organized into trays of various sizes.  We also received a donation for our project of 30 boxes of sour gummie worms!  The baking and the worms along with cards written by the grade eights were delivered to teachers in our building and the Catholic School across the street.

The students thought that, in light of the tragedy in Connecticut, we should thank our emergency services employees who work long hours and would be working through the holidays to keep us safe.  A care package was dropped ReginaPoliceoff at the fire hall in our area, EMS Central Station, as well as the Police Station.  Each care package included baking, candies and a letter written by the students thanking them for all they do.  At the police station, the Chief of Police even came down to talk to the students who made that delivery!

The grade eight students at Ruth M Buck enjoyed this project.  They showed leadership, sympathy, empathy, compassion and the giving spirit of the season!  We were really proud of them.  They made a difference!  Our hope and theirs is that we inspired someone else to do a good deed for someone else.

Amie Sitter & Rulene Gilroy

Grade Eight Teachers

Ruth M Buck School

Regina, SK

What act of kindness will you do today?  Who will benefit from your generosity of time, talents, energy, and thought?

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


Pay It Forward – Country Creations

Yorkton Regional High Schools Entrepreneurship-30 Class

Sponsors the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park in Canora

Submitted by Chase’s mom – Rachel Kraynick

The students and staff from the Yorkton Regional High School (YRHS) never cease to amaze me, not only with their talents and energy, but also with their kindness of heart and creative thinking.  Let me tell you why….

Country CreationsOne of the classes that the YRHS offers to their students in Entrepreneurship 30, which teaches the fundamentals of business and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  Mrs.Gendreau is the teacher that has been teaching this class for the past 25 years.  This year she decided to team up with the Junior Achievements and allow her students to take part in an experience that would change their lives.

Junior Achievements is a program that inspires students to experience and understand what it takes to run a business by creating one of their own! It inspires youth to value free enterprise, understand business & economics, and develop entrepreneurial & leadership skills.

Students participate in luncheons, pitch their business ideas to other entrepreneurs and make the experience as real as it can be.  The students develop a comprehensive business plan, execute the plan, prepare a final shareholders report, dissolve the company and pay the shareholders.  The inspiration is to run a successful business and make a profit!  Country Creations was just one of the junior achievement companies that were born from this class assignment.

The particular group of students who began this junior achievement company decided to add value to two different raw products which were soybeans and barbed wire!!!!  Now what can you do with these products you ask.  Take a look at these really great ideas!!

The students roasted and added flavors such as salt and vinegar, dill pickle, and all dressed to raw soybeans, creating a healthy snack choice.
Their barbed wire art spelled the words live, love, laugh and farm.
Bending barbed wire into words.
Bending barbed wire into words.

After Country Creations designed, developed and marketed their product, they decided to donate 10% of their product sales to the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park.  This particular group of students not only wanted to donate money for the Splash Park in Canora, but they were keen on spreading the “Pay it Forward” message on to all their friends, family and now customers!  This group of students not only showcased their entrepreneurial spirit but demonstrated the “Pay it Forward” concept of kindness and generosity for other community members.

They can be liked on their “Country Creations” Facebook page or you can read more about them on their blog at

On January 16, 2013 they held a shareholders meeting and presented us with a cheque for $270.70!!!!!


Our family is very touched by the students generosity and are confident that each one of them in his class have gained valuable skills and knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs of the future and well as being well-rounded citizens that continue to make a difference.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?

HomeSense Saskatoon Supports Their Community By Paying It Forward

HomeSenseToday’s Pay It Forward story comes to us from the City of Bridges … Saskatoon, SK.  Patricia Munroe, manager of the Saskatoon HomeSense store has shared with us some of the great community minded support that her and her team chose to participate in this past holiday season to make a difference for others in their city.  We also LOVE the fact that they chose to include Chase’s Pay It Forward cards in the giving that was done as lessons were taught and learned about the power of generosity and kindness.  Thanks for sharing your stories Patricia and for also ensuring that Chase’s memory was a part of your Pay It Forward actions!

Have a great Monday everyone!!

Happy New Year! May 2013 bring only Peace, Love, and Happiness to you and your family!

This Christmas HomeSense Saskatoon’s management and staff partnered with OPERATION CHRISTMAS STORE at King George School.

King George SChool

One of my assistant managers, April, and her sister Carla, collected donations of new and gently used gift items, and set up a Christmas store in one of the classrooms at the school.

We contributed approximately $700.00 to purchase new toys to go in the store. The money was raised from the popcorn we sell through out the year in the store.

Each child was given 3 tokens and told they could pick three people in their lives that they would like to buy a Christmas gift for. Then they were surprised by a visit to the Christmas tree to select a gift for themselves.

KGLOgoMany of these children had never before been able to give anyone a gift at Christmas and for most their past Christmas’s have been very modest.

The students were in awe of all the wonderful gifts. Tears were shed by the volunteers at the absolute delight and joy on their small faces as they made their selections. There were also many touching, heartfelt comments from the staff, students and teachers.


New Pay-it-Forward CardAs each child was given their tokens they were told CHASE’S story and given a Pay It Forward card. They were very interested in him and asked many questions.  We hope they embrace the concept of pay it forward as Chase did !!!  We look forward to being able to partner with Operation Christmas Store again this year.

Blessings in 2013
Patricia Munroe

The second story that Patricia shared with us really helps to give more meaning and purpose to Saskatoon’s second name “The City of Bridges”.

Saskatoon’s HomeSense, management and staff also partnered with THE BRIDGE on 20th in 2012 and are continuing our relationship through out 2013.  This is an amazing organization that works with the homeless and the very poor in Saskatoon.


For the month of November and December my staff was allowed to wear denim to work in exchange for a contribution of either a food item or gently used winter wear.  We set up large boxes wrapped as presents at the front of the store and our customers also generously contributed to them.

We also had a toiletry basket in our associate lounge for them to contribute to.
Whenever I travel I collect the toiletry items from the hotel room and add to this basket through out the year.

I shared Chase’s story with the Pastor of The Bridge on 20th, and gave him a supply of the Pay it Forward cards to give out with the items we donated.

He was very excited about the opportunity to council on the blessings of giving as well as receiving and to share ways everyone can pay it forward no matter how little or how much you have!

You can find out more information about The Bridge on 20th by visiting their website at


Chase Made A Difference … Will You?

Pay It Forward – Filling Shoeboxes With Love

Today’s Pay It Forward story comes to us from St. Michael’s School in Yorkton, Saskatchwan.  As Kindergarten teacher Rhonda Bailey explains, Paying It Forward is something that can be done by children of all ages.  This is a story that once again helps to strengthen our belief in the power of kindness and generosity for all … by any one … of any age.  Thanks to the Kindergarten students in Rhonda Bailey’s classroom for sharing their story with us.  We are very proud of you all!!
IMG_8756 IMG_8757 As a Pay It Forward act of generosity, and since our schools theme this year is Generosity, I decided to take on a Christmas Project with my Kindergarten class that involved the kind act of giving.
By utilizing a popular organization, I decided that Operation Christmas Child was my calling.
Through stories of Chase told by me throughout the past months, my 35 students and I decided to donate items to children less fortunate than us. My goal was to pack 35 boxes (1 per child) and send them away with Chases Pay It Forward Card attached to each box.
It was amazing to see the kids get so excited when they brought items to school! They were so happy, it was as though they were opening presents, instead of packing ones to give away! Each day we talk about generosity, the impact it makes, and the way it makes us  others feel.
I am so proud of my kindergarten students, their families, and the generosity they have shown this year. My students will bring up Chases’ name out of the blue, especially during our prayer time, and discuss how we should help other people in need and why it is so important to go out of your way to be nice to others, even if they are having a bad day. You never know how a smile or a kind gesture can brighten someones day!
I am proud to Pay It Forward!
Rhonda Bailey
Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?

Introducing Our “Just For Teachers” Page

Teachers Make a DifferenceTeachers have always had a special place in our hearts as many people in our family and many close family friends are or were in the teaching profession.  We know the importance and powerful impact that teachers can have on the lives of their students and recognize the importance of a message such as Pay It Forward being taught and reinforced in our schools.  We have had a number of lesson suggestions and Pay It Forward ideas that could be used in schools and classrooms that teachers have shared with us . . . and we feel it is necessary to share them with you all.

Click on the words “Just For Teachers” listed at the top of this blog page to see some of the great lessons and ideas we have collected to be used in the classroom.

We would LOVE to add to this page.  If you have a great lesson, bulletin board idea, activity, school-wide project, or would just like to share your thoughts and ideas about how you have used the Pay It Forward concept in your classroom or school . . . please send it to us so that we can continue to add to this collection.  Sharing is the perfect way to Pay It Forward for a teacher colleague!  🙂  You can find our contact information listed under “Contact Us” at the top of this blog page.

Today’s post reminds us of Taylor Mali’s poem entitled What Teachers Make.  Enjoy the read, check out our Just For Teachers Page, and know that your children are in the trusting and caring hands of teachers who truly do make a difference.  Have a wonderful day!


The dinner guests were sitting around the table
discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain
the problem with education.

He says the problem with teachers is:
What’s a kid going to learn
from someone who decided his best option in life
was to become a teacher?

He reminds the other dinner guests that it’s true
what they say about teachers:
Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

I decide to bite my tongue instead of his,
and resist the temptation to remind the dinner guests
that it’s also true what they say about lawyers and CEO’s of large corporations.
Because we’re eating, after all, and this is polite conversation.

I mean, you’re a teacher, Taylor.
Be honest. What do you make?

And I wish he hadn’t done that— asked me to be honest—
because, you see, I have this policy about honesty and
if you ask for it, then I have to let you have it.

You want to know what I make?

I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.
I can make a C+ feel like a Congressional Medal of Honor
and an A-­ feel like a slap in the face.
How dare you waste my time
with anything less than your very best.

I make kids sit through 40 minutes of study hall
in absolute silence and ensure that they complete every single piece of homework they have to do before they actually go home.

I make parents listen when I call home:
Hi. This is Mr. Mali. I hope I haven’t called at a bad time,
I just wanted to talk to you about something great your son said today.
To the biggest bully in the grade, he said,
“Leave the kid alone. I still cry sometimes, don’t you?
It’s no big deal.”
And that was noblest act of courage I have ever seen.

I make parents see their children for who they are
and what they can be.

You want to know what I make?

I make kids wonder,
I make them question.
I make them criticize.
I make them apologize and mean it.
I make them write.
I make them read, read, read and I make them read some more.
I make them spell definitely beautiful, definitely beautiful, definitely beautiful
over and over and over again until they will never misspell
either one of those words again.

I make them show all their work in math
and hide it on their final drafts in English.
I make them understand that if you’ve got the smarts,
then you follow your heart,
and if someone ever tries to judge you
by what you make . . . well, sir . . .

Let me break it down for you, so you know what I say is true:
Teachers make a difference! Now what do you do?

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?

Thankful Thursday – A Teacher Who Made ALL The Difference

EveryDay Is a Teacher

May 24, 2011 was the day we physically started our lives without Chase.  Our lives will never be the same without our blonde-haired, blue-eyed little boy running up and down the hallways of our house with his cattle trailers, dump trucks and New Holland tractors. I still think about the times when Chase and Cooper would pull out every single quilt in the house and disassemble all the cushions from the couch to build the biggest fort in the living room.  I know that I will never get OVER this loss in our lives but we needed to find a way to get THROUGH it.

Little did Chris Danyluk know that the greatest gift she could have given our family in order to cope through all this devastation, was the lesson plan taught to her students on “Paying it Forward.”  If any of you have tried to comfort someone who is going through severe trials in their life, or experienced the death of someone close, it sometimes feels impossible to find the right words to say or solution to help them feel better.

The Pay it Forward lesson was not anything money could buy or person would have known to do, it was a concept, that when exercised, brought about such healing from our perspective.  The more people that embrace this idea and the more our community pulls together to make a difference, is the times that bring about the most healing to us.  It is a concept that brings together every background, age, gender, race, religion, socio-economic status…everyone …and it makes us question, How can I make this world a little nicer for someone else?  Now that is healing.  I will never stop missing our Chase but I do feel a little better knowing that our community is doing its best to pay it forward for others because of the lesson taught by our very own Canora Elementary School teacher…Chris Danyluk.Chris and PM

Chris Danyluk, Canora’s Pre-Kindergarten teacher was presented with the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Early Childhood Education in Ottawa on October 3, 2012.  This award is presented to exceptional early childhood educators who help build the foundation that young children need to make the best start in life.

She was selected at the school level, won at the division level and then at the provincial level before this national honor was bestowed upon her.  I could not think of a more deserving individual than Chris.

Good teachers help lay the foundation with which we interpret and navigate the world.  They make a valuable contribution to Canadians being among the brightest and most innovative citizens in the world.  It is a real privilege today to honor educators who have imparted their knowledge and inspiration to us and our children, helping all of us become the best we can be.

– Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Today’s Thankful Thursday pays tribute to our friend Chris.  Thank you Chris for giving our family a gift like no other . . . the gift of healing.  To us this is the gift that does not stop giving!

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?

Submitted by Chase’s mom – Rachel Kraynick

Pay It Forward – YRHS Students Setting The Example

Our last and final story from the staff and students of Yorkton Regional High school takes into account the importance of putting students in leadership roles and setting the example for a younger generation.  The YRHS school motto includes the phrase “A Family of Raiders”.  That is what families are all about . . . helping one another out to provide support, kindness of spirit, and a sense of responsibility to and for each other.  We are so very proud of all your efforts YRHS!!  As Math and Band teacher, Mark Zawerucha shares with us it is all about students helping students.

Our RCR (Raiders Connecting Raiders) Advisory group decided that we would like to help other students. I gave Mr. Teneyke from Columbia School a call and told him that we would be at his school on Friday morning for half an hour. I asked him if there was anything he needed help with in and around the school. He mentioned that there was some garbage that needed to be picked on the school grounds. On Friday at 8:30, we met at Columbia and picked garbage until about 9:05AM. We were met with a lot of smiles and thank you’s for our kind gesture. We even had some Elementary students start to help us clean up as well.  In closing, I would have to say our enthusiasm to help clean up Columbia School was contagious and we hope we have set a good example for future Raiders coming to us from Columbia School.

To all the students and staff of YRHS . . . we thank you so much for sharing with us all of your Pay It Forward stories.  We truly do hope that the Pay It Forward challenge your students decided to take on will continue for years to come!
Chase Made A Difference . . . and so did the staff and students of Yorkton Regional High School . . . Will You?