Festively Paying It Forward at Crossroads Credit Union


A big thank you to Kim Kun at Crossroads Credit Union for sharing this story with us.  This time of year we can all use the reminder that there are many others who are not as fortunate.  It is heartwarming to know that organizations like Crossroads Credit Union will not only support local projects, funds, families, and individuals but to follow through in action, volunteerism, and commitment to ensure a difference has been made in their very own local communities.  An even bigger cheer is given is to the local recipients of this support for the gift of giving time and energy this holiday season to those in need.  Our “hats off” to you ALL this holiday season!

Community giving is an important part of what we do in Crossroads Country; and, we, along with many others, have been particularly inspired by the Paying It Forward concept this year. Paying it Forward has motivated individuals and groups in our area to look beyond their own needs, to contribute to a greater good.

In the spirit of Paying it Forward, we at Crossroads have decided, to celebrate the season by making a donation to worthy causes in each of our regions. Each region of Crossroads Country was given $500 and the regional recipients were chosen by staff in that area.

communitychristmasdinnerThe Canora branch/head office Christmas cash donation of $500 was awarded to the Canora Community Christmas. This group of community members are hosting a Christmas Eve supper for people who they know will be alone at Christmas. 150 invitations have been sent out and it is expected about 120 will attend this event at the Activity Centre. This event is completely volunteer driven and so our support will go far in ensuring a Christmas meal.

BillsOur west region (Wadena and Margo branches) have chosen the Wadena Cares Crisis Fund Board as the recipient of a $500 donation. This group aids anyone in the Wadena and district area who is in need of financial assistance (for example, fire, medical bills, transportation costs for appointments, also women who are in need of shelter, etc.).

foodboxesStaff in the north region are allocating their $500 of Christmas cheer to Filling the Gap. This project is an emergency food bank service set up through the Family Resource Centre to offer assistance in time of need. Individuals and families can request food and other needed items throughout the year in an emergency, on a short-term basis until long-term solutions can be arranged. They are also responsible for the collection and distribution of the annual Christmas hampers.

We all have so much to be grateful for, and paying it forward through the spirit of giving truly warms our hearts as we are able to put the needs of others before our own.

Merry Christmas!

Kim Kun, B. Comm, FCUIC

Marketing Coordinator

Crossroads Credit Union

Ph: 306-369-7335

Fax: 306-369-4195


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