Pay It Forward – It’s a “Dog”on Good Idea

We recently moved out to the farm and no farm is complete unless you have a dog.  We wanted an outdoor dog that would protect the yard, bark when someone drove in and more importantly, be our companion. Before finally deciding to get a dog, we would talk about the kind of dog we wanted at supper time and I would make my weekly trips to the local SPCA to inspect what was there.  After walking out of the shelter, I would rush home to convince my husband that we needed to take one of those poor creatures home. However, my husband, Clint, was dead set on getting a German Shepherd…and not just any German Shepherd…but a black German Shepherd.  Clint would spend hours looking through the papers, the Bargin Hunter and scanning Kijiji to find the “right one.”  After consulting with his cousin (who works for the city police K9 unit) he was advised to check out one of the most reputable kennels in the province which was named Cey Working Shephards.   The breeders, Thelma and Harold Cey, raise registered purebred black German Shephards and have an outstanding reputation for raising quality working dogs.

I personally did not want to spend a lot of money on a dog, after all I was a farm girl and every dog we’ve ever owned was free. Clint immediately was interested and called the owners.  After a short conversation on the phone, he found out they had just recently had a litter of pups with only TWO females left AND only 1 out of the 2 pups was for sale… Price…. $1000.00!!!!!  Maybe it was just me being frugal, but it sounded crazy to pay $1000 for a farm dog.  But Clint assured me that this was going to be a great dog and HE would pay for it.

After deciding to purchase this puppy, we called back the owners a week later only to discover that the last puppy had already been sold.  Clint was devastated.  He asked the breeders if they would reconsider selling the last puppy that was not for sale.  They said they wanted to keep her for future breeding because it was one of the best pups they had ever raised.  After Clint’s persistence they agreed to email pictures of her and we could discuss price in a future conversation.  Of course, after we looked at her, Clint was still interested.

The next day, I received an email from these folks that would change our feelings towards mankind in general.  They said they had googled our names to find out what type of home their dog could potentially be going to and they came across Chase’s Pay it Forward story and tribute that my two sisters had posted on the internet.  Thelma and Harold told us how they wanted to use a Pay It Forward Card . . .  . . .in memory of Chase and give us their prize puppy.  They explained that dogs can be very therapeutic and that they’d hope she would bring more happiness into our lives after our tragedy.  What an act of kindness from a complete stranger!  What a generous way to pay it forward!

Thoughtful you ………. thankful us.  Fiasco is a wonderful addition to our farm and we will treasure her for years to come.

This Pay It Forward Story written by Chase’s Mom and Dad – Rachel and Clint Kraynick.