June 19th Splash Park Update!!!

#2Well folks… Yorkton Plumbing and Heating wasted no time in getting involved with the Splash Park!  Not only were they one of the first businesses to step up to the plate, months ago, to “Pay it Forward” to Canora by volunteering their time and supplies for the project, but they were eager to get in and do their job this past week!  Curtis Krotenko and his family joined us on the AVIVA Float during the Winter Lights Festival in Canora and since Kurtis works at Yorkton Plumbing and Heating, he was sporting his AVIVA T-shirt on the worksite!!!  🙂 Gotta love that!

#1Here’s our progress update what what has been happening the past little while…

  • Nejah Building delivered the shed where the plumbing and electrical units will be housed.   The shed will be fully assembled and sided shortly.
  • Yorkton Plumbing and Heating started Monday and will be wrapped up this Wednesday morning (providing no rain comes our way)
  • We have ordered the picnic tables, benches, bike rack and a garbage can for the splash park
  • We are currently working on the signage for the park
  • Jerry Gabora with Gabora Electric has done his site inspection and is the next contractor to work at the site.  He is ready to go and we are excited to have his company be part of our project!
  • After the electrical is completed, the gravel will be brought in and that’s when we need all you volunteers to bring your shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes and muscles to help spread it all into place!!  (PLEASE STAY POSTED FOR THOSE DETAILS TO COME)

We are attempting to have everything in place for a MID-JULY GRAND OPENING!!!  So stay tuned!!  As soon as we make final arrangements for this special day, an official announcement will come out to you via this blog!!  We are so excited for that day to arrive, but in the meantime we would love to hear more of your Pay It Forward stories so that we can share them with others.  So . . . the questions of the day are … Did you find a way to pay it forward to today?  If so, what did you do?  How did your act of kindness affect that person?  How did your act of kindness make a difference?

 Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?


Thank You to Yorkton’s Xi Zeta Beta Sigma Phi for your Generous Donation

xi deltaThe Yorkon’s Xi Zeta Beta Sigma Phi chapter decided to raffle tickets for a basket full of goodies for their Mother’s Day fundraiser this year. They sold the tickets at Mano’s Restaurant in Yorkton and raised an astounding $807.00.  They wanted to “Pay it forward” and presented the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park with the full amount!!!  Thank you so much to this terrific group of ladies for supporting our project in Canora!!!  Your donation will go a long way in making this park a beautiful place where many families will make special memories with each other.

This young, ambitious group of women is comprised of nine members who include Giselle Bernat, Deb Harris, Jacalyn Grela, Shirley O’Boyle, Bree Rogaza, Stepahnie Wong-Erhardt, Barb Stamatinos, Janna Young and Kathy Novak.  They are not only a fantastic sorority, but they continue to uplift and serve so many organizations in and outside of Yorkton. THANK YOU LADIES for your generosity and show of support!!!

To find out more about this organization check out www.bspinternational.org  or if you would like to join the Xi Zeta chapter, please contact Giselle Bernat at 306-621-2507.

Chase Made A Difference…Will You?

Thankful Thursday: Yorkton New Holland Becomes a Major Sponsor of the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park


We are eager to begin the construction of the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash park this spring and also to continue promoting the “Pay it Forward” concept that Chase embraced whole heartedly.  This splash park has not only brought our community together in unimaginable ways, but has gained the financial support of several individuals and businesses that are making this project a reality.

tractorAs most of you know, each component of the splash park reflects the things that Chase loved which include sports, the great outdoors and of course, farming!  We wanted a New Holland Tractor to be the centre piece of the splash pad not only because Chase’s favourite colour was blue, but because New Holland was his absolute favourite make of farm equipment.  He would spend countless hours playing farming with Cooper and every toy that filled his toy box was either blue or yellow in colour.  When he wasn’t pretending to farm with Cooper, he was asking to go to the farm and help his dad with chores.

NHpicsThe apple didn’t fall far from the tree either 🙂 .  Our farm has always had a love for New Holland, so loving the brand was something that Chase grew up with.  Nearly every piece of equipment on our farm is New Holland.

Just recently,  Brad Guenther, manager of Yorkton New Holland, announced that their dealership will donate $10,000 towards the Splash Pad as a sponsor of the New Holland tractor splash component!

WOW!!  How awesome is that?  We are so grateful for their very generous contribution and our heartfelt thanks goes out to the entire management and staff for supporting our project and showing how much you care!

The Yorkton New Holland dealership holds true to their statement that “they are big enough to help you, but small enough to know you!”  So thank you so much for making a difference and paying it forward for our family and our community!

To visit their newly designed website go to http://yorktonnewholland.com/ and the next time you see one of their employees please thank them for making a difference!

Canora Aquatic Play Pad SK

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?

Pay It Forward Friday – The Element of Surprise

It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised.  Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers from a significant other, a hot meal waiting for you at home after a hard day or an unexpected compliment by a complete stranger, a sweet surprise can brighten just about anybody’s day.

Mr MikesToday we went to one of my favorite restaurants (Mr.Mikes) for lunch with my sister and mother-in-law.  I wanted to brighten a complete stranger’s day.  Besides, it feels even better to give than it does to receive.

We decided to take one of Chase’s Pay it Forward cards and tape it to a $5.00 bill and place it inside one of the restaurant menus.  That way when the waitress picks up our menus, she distributes them randomly to other customers in the restaurant.

I don’t know who the recipient of this “Pay it Forward” was, but I do hope that it brought some happiness to their day.  I also hope that they decide to make a difference in someone else’s life.

You just never know who needs a lift in life and the difference you can make in a complete strangers life.

Please feel free to print off one of Chase’s Pay it Forward cards from the tab at the top of this page and do the same at your favorite restaurant.

New Pay-it-Forward Card

 Chase Made A Difference…Will You?

Yorkton’s Farm Toy and Collectible Show UPDATE

C3 boysWell Yorkton’s Farm Toy and Collectible Show was another smashing success and our family was very honored to be attending it this past February 9th and 10th.  Why you ask?  Well every year this show raffles off a pedal tractor with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity or project of choice.   This year the show organizers, Jeremy and Kim Mehrer, contacted us to tell us that they’ve decided to “Pay it Forward” and donate the proceeds to the splash park in Canora.

Chase WheatWe want to sincerely thank the organizers, participants and supporters of the Toy Show for this demonstration of generosity!!!  We hope that all of you and your families come down to Canora THIS SUMMER to enjoy the splash park (stay tuned for more details about that). 😉

They raffled off a CASE Pedal Tractor AND a New Holland Grain Cart!! These great prizes were donated by The Yorkton Farm Toy and Collectible Show AND Yorkton New Holland!!  By the end of the 2 days of the show over 900 tickets were sold and a total of $1430.00 was donated to the Town of Canora!  How spectacular is that???  

Thank you so very much! 


HUGE thanks to the Yorkton Toy and Collectible Show and Yorkton New Holland for donating these amazing raffle prizes! 

We want all of you to know that like Chase, YOU ALL MADE A DIFFERENCE!


Thankful Thursday – Royal Honda Makes A Difference

Honda Cheque
Terry Ortynsky and Lynn Walker from Royal Honda presenting a cheque to the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park

How do you define the Honda difference? Is it dependability? Quality?  Reliability? Or all those hard working employees in Yorkton that make a difference in the communities they live in?????  Well, it’s all of those things, and so much more!!!!

Yorkton’s Royal Honda wanted to find a way to “Pay it Forward” and support the Chase Kraynick Splash Park in Canora.  So they decided to advertise a “Pay it Forward” car sale and donate $100.00 from every new and used vehicle sold in the month of January to this project.

Every owner of a new and used vehicle received one of Chase’s Pay it Forward Cards and were asked to do a random act of kindness or generosity for someone else.  In turn, the dealership promised to work hard to sell as many cars in the month of January.  On February 22, 2013 the management and staff presented us with a cheque for $1500.00!!!  HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT???

We are so very thankful for their generosity and want to sincerely thank all their hard working staff for each and every sale made!  Our family is so grateful to the entire for deciding to support the concept that Chase so deeply believed in and for making a difference in our community.  With our deepest and most heartfelt appreciation…Thank you!

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?

Yorkton Farm Toy Auction

Toy AuctionAl and Jeff Kuntz of Jakz Farm Toys organized the first exclusively farm toy auction to be held in conjunction with the Yorkton Toy and Collectible show.  The event was held on February 8th at the Legion Hall in Yorkton, just prior to the Farm Toy and Collectible Show.  The auction featured 221 lots of farm toys from 25 consignors from across the three Prairie Provinces and North Dakota.

The Kuntz brothers said they organized the sale, “because we love the hobby and wanted to promote it.” “We’re not doing it to make money,” Kuntz said, but added breaking even was a goal to make it viable to undertake the sale next year.

In addition to the sale, the Kuntz’s wanted to auction off a toy tractor in order to donate the proceeds to the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park.  They decided to donate a 1:32 scale Stieger 4WD Tractor to be auctioned off.  One of the bidders in the crowd was Stieger TractorMichael Glaicar, a producer from Waldron, Saskatchewan.  Michael continued to bid on the model tractor until he bought it for $500.00!!!  However, Michael’s generosity did not stop there.  Instead of paying $500.00 for the model tractor, he decided to write a cheque for an even $1000.00!!!! WOW!!!  We are so thankful to the Kuntz’s for their act of kindness in even considering raising money for Canora’s Splash Park but also for Michael’s overwhelming generosity.  We are very thankful to both parties so please know that you made a difference for our community, just like Chase made a difference in the lives of many.

Thank you!

You can check out the Kuntz’s Farm Toy site at www.jakz.ca

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?