About Chase

Chase Andrew Kraynick was born in Yorkton, SK on March 29th, 2005, the eldest child of Clint and Rachel Kraynick, a big brother to Cooper. Some of Chase’s favourite things were riding his green bike and playing farming with Cooper. He loved the farm, and couldn’t wait to be with his Dad, riding on all the machinery, watering the cows, picking mushrooms, feeding chickens and looking after his and Cooper’s pumpkin patch. His most recent pride and joy was a slingshot. He always looked forward to times when he could visit with his cousins, and have play dates with his friends. He loved music, and was involved with hockey, baseball and swimming. He enjoyed fishing and was so proud of the first fish he caught. Chase couldn’t wait to show his parents the latest craft or project he had done in daycare, nursery school and kindergarten. He also loved to help his mom when she baked. Chase was especially looking forward to living on their new farm. He had a great imagination and spent countless hours playing with Cooper, climbing trees, fences and bales. Every evening after bath time, was snuggle time with Mom, Dad and Cooper, reading books and eating snacks. Chase was suddenly taken from us in a tragic farming accident on May 24, 2011.  He was only 6 years old.

Chase made a Difference

In 2011, the Canora Junior Elementary School took on the task of spreading the idea within the community that it only takes one person to make a difference.  They taught their students the concept of “Paying it Forward” and handed out Pay it Forward cards to each students asking them to think about ways to use them.  Chase was only 6 years old when he came home with his card and he was constantly thinking of ways he could make a difference.  Whether it was shoveling the neighbor’s driveway in the winter or opening doors for others, Chase’s heart was so full of love and goodness to share.  The lesson our family learned was that no matter how young or old, rich or poor, everyone has something to give.  When he passed away we handed out these cards to all the people who attended his funeral and still do till this day as a reminder of who Chase really was.. a loving little boy with so much to offer.  We are asking that you take the time to use these cards to pay forward all the love, good thoughts, generosity and kindness for others in Chase’s memory.  Please show this in your actions and deeds to support someone else who may need it.

Download a copy of the updated Chase Kraynick Pay It Forward Card.

Can you think of 3 things that you can do for someone or something that they normally would not be able to do for themselves?

We Challenge You to Make a Difference!!


13 thoughts on “About Chase

  1. Thank you for doing this. I”m thinking of things I can do starting with helping out someone who’s just starting out. reading this made me want to be a better person.

  2. Sometimes it is the similiest things that makes the world of difference to others. Collecting sample toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos,conditioners, lotion and taking it to the Women’s Society for abused women & children who have left there homes with only the clothes on their backs.

    • I manage the HomeSense store in Saskatoon, We have a basket in our lunch room where we collect personal toiletry items through out the year. Anytime I travel Isave the ones from my hotel rooms and add to the collection. This year we are going to package them in individual packages and include one of Chases Pay it Forward cards with each one.
      We also collect and donate items we cannot sell but are still useful to the womens shelter in Saskatoon on a monthly basis. We are going to attach pay it forward cards for the shelter to hand out to the women.

  3. Hi Kraynick’s,

    Wow ! What a family and what a boy ! I want to spread your story around home, Moosomin, SK and I send you all the best in your goal. My sister, Leslie, informed my of your story and your goal and I am so pleased to be a part of it. Thank you for spreading the message of “Pay it Forward” in such an effective way ! God Bless you and yours…Sincerely, Connie

  4. Hi Again,

    This amazing story brings new meaning to the words “Pay it Forward”…..perhaps we should be saying ” Chase it Forward ” Loves……

  5. Our names are Bonny & Mel Sanderson & we’d like to share a bit with you. Our 21 yr.old daughter took her life 4 years ago, since that time we have started a community garden in her name. Jessy’s Garden is located in Prince Albert, Sk. & we have been helping with the less fortunate families & the homeless, feeding who we can with our organically grown vegetables. Chases story has inspired us because we still feel we are not doing enough to honor her. We need something more to give back to the community. A “Pay it Forward” card to give to each that visits the gardens could be so inspirational to others. We lost count this year of the families that were fed, We believe we have touched over 1500 families this year alone & as each year passes the need for these gardens grow. Thank you for sharing Chase’s story with us, just gives me more determination to keep doing this.

  6. I had the privilege of having an act of kindness done for me yesterday in Walmart, and the woman gave me this card. She took time out of her shopping to help me find some gifts. At this time of year, this is almost a miracle! Then she gave me this card, we hugged each other with tears in our eyes. I promise to pass this card, as well as her gift of time, and kindness on to someone else. By the way, the gifts she helped me to find are children, for our local food bank Christmas hampers.

  7. I just wanted to let you know that I was the recipient of one of these cards today, I was behind a women in the drive through Starbucks when I got to the window the barista at the window was almost in tears when she told me ” this women paid for your drink and left behind this card for you” it was one of the nicest random acts of kindness she had been witness to. Her act truly touched my heart and I was inspired to find out more information about this special little life that has and is spreading love and joy. I’d just like to say you have done a wonderful thing here and inspired others to be better, so from the bottom of my heart I’d just like to say thank you!!!

  8. I heard about Chase’s story & “Pay it Forward” from various places & people I know. I have a son born the same year as Chase & the story pulled my heart strings. My son Antonio celebrated his 8th birthday in Feburary of this year, he and 8 of his friends had lots of fun at a Regina Pat’s game! When we sent Antonio’s Birthday invitation out, we requested monetary gifts, that Antonio’s Birthday wish was to donate 1/2 of the monies to the Chase Kraynick / Pay it Forward fundraiser for the Water park in his memory. I am happy to report that Antonio raised $100 to donate to your cause. Please advise of where I can send the cheque 🙂
    Hugs to you & your family

    • Hi Angela and Happy Belated Birthday Antonio!
      Thank you for sharing your story and to Antonio for his emmense generosity! Chase would have been celebrating his 8th bithday in March too. March 29th in fact. All money can be forwarded to the Town of Canora, Box 717 CANORA, SK S0A 0L0 (just mark that it is for the splash park). Any cheques can be made payable to the Town of Canora as well. What a HUGE jesture Antonio is making at a tender age of 8! It is obvious that the morals and values that you’ve instilled in him are going to make a positive difference in many peoples lives including his own. Not only that, but the example he is setting for others will serve him well in the future. Your story is very touching and we thank you for helping us build a memorial for Chase and making a difference by using the power that “Paying it Forward” has. Thank you Antonio from the bottom of our hearts! Wishing you many more happy birthdays for the future xoxo Sincerely, The Kraynicks

  9. My girlfriend in Canada posted Chase’s Story on her facebook page and it literally brought me to tears…happy ones…so touching and loving, an awesome tribute to your beloved son. I have a 6 year old granddaughter who is in first grade this year and this week I am going to talk to her teacher about making Pay It Forward Coupons in her class and speaking to the children about it. I also teach Sunday School to 1 through 6 graders at my church in the craft department and I am going to have them make the coupons as well. Thank you…Chase has touched many lives now in Everson, Washington USA. We will be proud to carry on his legacy by making Pay It Forward parts of our lives.

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