Pay It Forward – The Life and Joy of a Toy

What a great idea . . . and one that is so simple to do . . . especially for the kids!  We all have “things” around the house that could be used and loved by someone else.  Why not take a good look around and make the conscious choice to part with some of those “things”.  Our story today clearly brings to light the power of giving and the warmth of heart in doing so.  It sounds like Cole felt both of these.  Thanks for sharing your son’s story Jen.  We are also very proud of him!

I just wanted to drop you a line letting you know about Cole’s act of kindness.  Cole and I had been talking about the ‘it just takes one’ Pay It Forward card and Chase, and were thinking of something nice he could do.  We decided to go through his toys and donate all the toys he doesn’t play with anymore to kids less fortunate.  I had called the Shelwin House in Yorkton and they said to drop the toys off at the Salvation Army because they didn’t have a lot of extra room for storage.  So one Sunday morning we went through his toys and filled his whole bed (its a double bed!) with toys and books he was willing to donate!  We cleaned and boxed them up and took them in the next weekend.

Cole was very proud of himself!

This was a great thing for Cole to do, and I think we will make it a yearly event of donating his old toys.

Jen Marcinkoski



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