Pay It Forward – With Family, Colleagues, and Children

Happy Sunday everyone!  These are the kinds of stories we love to get by e-mail.

Thank you so much Warren, for sharing some of the Pay It Forward acts that you, your family, colleagues, and students in your school have done to Pay It Forward.  We can’t wait to hear about some of the up and coming projects you mention in your email .  Please keep us all posted.

Dear Kraynick family,

On behalf of the memory of your son, my family decided to make a donation to another family here in Yorkton, SK who have been stricken with the news that their adult daughter requires treatments for cancer.

On a higher note, St. Michaels School where I work has raised close to $600 for the family.  A colleague, Rhonda Bailey is part of the staff and she handed out your details.

We did not use the card but have honored your request to pay something forward.  This will not be the last time we pay something forward. More projects up and coming.


Warren Burrell & family


One thought on “Pay It Forward – With Family, Colleagues, and Children

  1. Great idea you guys. A wonderful way to honor your little man and keep his spirit alive and working in your community. I hope this project brings your family much healing and a return to happiness. Chase is surely smiling down on you and will be waiting to give mommy and daddy big hugs when you meet again someday. Rachel, you are an inspiration to us all, but especially to us grieving mommies. I’ve always wanted to do something to memorialize my little Lane but haven’t yet been able to drag myself out of the pit of despair and haven’t yet found the energy and attitude required. Someday I will. And when I do, I will think of Rachel Kraynick and thank her.

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